Friday, October 14, 2011

Funny Political Jokes | David Letterman Jokes about Rick Perry

"You know who's also joining the Wall Street protesters? Kanye West. That's a real good idea -- a guy with diamonds in his teeth protesting greed." –David Letterman

"They're saying President Obama doesn't have any friends. The problem is that he can't get Congress to approve one." –David Letterman

"The candidates at the last Republican debate got to ask each other questions. Jon Huntsman asked, 'Who am I?'" –David Letterman

"Rick Perry had to leave the debate early. He was late for an execution." –David Letterman

"Rick Perry looks like a guy who crawled out from under a painted rock. Perry’s exhausted. He’s having trouble sleeping. Calling Dr. Conrad Murray!" –David Letterman

"President Bill Clinton is on the show tonight, and we had trouble with security. The bomb-sniffing dogs found the cue cards." –David Letterman