Sunday, January 23, 2011

Stephen Colbert rant about Mika Brzezinski complaining about Sarah Palin

Stephen Colbert, after showing MSNBC's Mika Brzezinski complaining about having to do Sarah Palin stories: "Clearly Mika is experiencing what journopsychologists call 'Palin fatigue.' Mika, you need to buck up. I know you think this story has no other purpose than keeping Sarah Palin's name in the news for another news cycle. I know you think she has nothing to offer the national dialogue, and that her speeches are just coded talking points mixed in with random words she's picked up from a thesaurus. I know you think that at best Sarah Palin is a self-promoting ignoramus and at worst a shameless media troll who will abuse any platform to deliver dog-whistle encouragement to a far-right base that may include insurrectionists. I know you think her reality show was pathetically unstatesmanlike, and I know you also believe it represents the pinnacle of her potential, and her transparent desperation to be a celebrity so completely eclipsed her interest in public service so long ago that there would be more journalistic integrity in reporting on one of the lesser Kardashian's ass implants. I know when you arrive at the office each day you pray that Sarah Palin will shut up for just ten f**king minutes. I know, because I can see it in your eyes. Well, guess what, Mika, that's the gig. It's January 2011, and you have two more years of this. So you come in, slap on your make-up and report what Sarah Palin said on Hannity last night. Because that's the news."