Friday, September 9, 2011

Jimmy Kimmel jokes about President Obama's approval rating


is very low. But then again, his disapproval rating is very high, so there's a silver lining." –Jimmy Kimmel

"In what other job are you forced to hear how much people don't like you three times a week?" –Jimmy Kimmel

"During the Republican debate, every time they mentioned Ronald Reagan, I ate a jelly bean. And now I have type 2 diabetes." –Jimmy Kimmel

"This is the first debate Rick Perry has participated in since he announced his candidacy. Perry is a mix between George W. Bush and Yosemite W. Sam." –Jimmy Kimmel

"Sarah Palin ran an unannounced half marathon in Iowa. Wait, did she run a half marathon or run half a marathon and quit? Is there anything Sarah Palin can’t do half of?" –Jimmy Kimmel