Thursday, January 14, 2010

Jay Leno NBC and Political Jokes

"I'm sure you know. NBC announced they're pulling the plug on our show February 12th. Here's the amazing part. That is the exact date the Mayan calendar predicted we would go off the air." –Jay Leno

"I gotta tell you, you know, the folks here at NBC, they don't handle these things well. They don't have a lot of tact. Like, after they cancelled the show, they told me if I put on ten pounds I could get on 'Biggest Loser." –Jay Leno

"Well of course, the big political story, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid got himself in hot water during the election, when he described Barack Obama as a 'light-skinned' African-American 'with no negro dialect.' See, that may explain why Reid was the Senate majority leader and not the Senate minority leader." –Jay Leno

"But President Obama forgave him. Obama said today, he has 'nothing against really light-skinned people who talk with a cracker dialect.' So it all worked out." –Jay Leno

"Have you seen him on the news? Harry Reid is apologizing more than NBC affiliates." –Jay Leno

"He is not the only one. Impeached Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich, what a moron this guy is. He's in trouble after saying he's 'blacker than Barack Obama.' Barack Obama? He's not even blacker than Sammy Sosa." –Jay Leno
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