Monday, March 15, 2010

Funny Political Jokes From Jimmy Fallon

"Yesterday, Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton were at an event and Michelle said that she almost referred to Hillary as 'President Clinton' by mistake. And then Hillary was like, 'Ha-ha-ha. Seriously, though, would you?'" –Jimmy Fallon

"Massa just keeps getting into more and more trouble. One of Massa's former shipmates in the Navy says that he used to give his subordinates massages. And he called them 'Massa massages', which is why the Navy's policy toward Massa was 'don't ask because it's pretty obvious, isn't it?'" –Jimmy Fallon

"It turns out Eric Massa was living in a house in D.C. with a bunch of young single male staffers. Massa described the house as 'just a bunch of guys doing guy stuff', while the male staffers described it as a 'den of awkwardness.'" –Jimmy Fallon

"Karl Rove's memoir, 'Courage and Consequence', is the best-selling book on The book costs $19.99, and comes with free shipping and mishandling." –Jimmy Fallon
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